Capital City Repeater Association

The Capital City Repeater Association (CCRA) invites you to "join-in" on the fun and become part of the friendliest repeater club in Central Ohio. We are proud to operate one of the finest and most active repeater systems in Ohio. We are working very hard to make and keep it the best. Our five 2-meter, and three 70-centimeter (440 MHz) have many "bells and whistles".

The following is just a highlight of what we have to offer....

First is our 147.24 MHz 2-meter repeater system. "24" has three receiver sites and is controlled by one of the most advanced repeater controllers made. The "24" repeater provides excellent mobile and hand held coverage in and around Central Ohio. It will support 1,000 users, each with their own speed dial and reverse patch paging capabilities.

Additional features include: emergency speed dialing, open autopatch, voice mail, time, temperature, echo test, DTMF test and a system to allow you to test your equipment and signal quality. The user manual explains how to access all of these features and more!

Next is our 145.43 MHz repeater. The "43" machine is a single site repeater located downtown Columbus and is linked with the 444.55 MHz repeater providing dual band, full duplex access. "43" uses the same controller as the "24" repeater, and therefore has all of the same capabilities.

The 147.21 MHz is a "no frills", single site machine. The "21" is located in downtown Columbus and is known for its fine audio reproduction.

The CCRA also affiliates itself with several privately-owned repeaters. These repeaters are available for use by all amateur radio operators living in the central Ohio area or traveling through. The 145.49 MHz and 444 MHz repeaters are digital D-Star repeaters that offer excellent coverage in the greater Columbus area. The 145.27 MHz and 444.175 MHz repeaters were recently re-located to downtown Columbus and offer good coverage throughout Franklin county using a mobile radio. The 145.27 machine is a "no frills" machine at this time, but the trustee has some big plans. Stay tuned!

The CCRA machines are home to several nets, including the Central Ohio Traffic Net which meets every night at 7:15 P.M. on "24". The "24" machine is also the backup repeater for the Central Ohio Severe Weather Net. Additionally, all club repeaters are made available to the ARES whenever they need an extra repeater for an event.

The CCRA issues a periodic newsletter The Radiogram to help inform, train, and entertain our membership. We also have monthly pizza parties, generally on the second Saturday of the month, for those "eye-ball" QSO's.

We invite you to use our fine system and to attend one of our social functions. The annual dues are only $25 for one year, $50 for two years, and $75 for three years.

Why not "check us out"? Come to one of our pizza parties or join us on the air! We are certain that you will like what you hear!

....73 from the CCRA