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Be good to your friends: invite them to be CCRA members.

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       Full Year Join in April-June Join in July-Sept Join in Oct-Dec
$18.75 $12.50 $6.25
2 years (2 x $22.50) $45.00 $39.25 $33.75 $28.25
3 years (3 x $20.00) $60.00 $55.00 $50.00 $45.00

Yes! I would like to help. My donation of $ is enclosed to help the CCRA system grow.

A CCRA membership covers all family members that are licensed and live with you. List their Callsign, Names and Email addresses:

1) Call: Name: Email:
2) Call: Name: Email:
3) Call: Name: Email:
4) Call: Name: Email:

At the present time, you will need to print this form and mail it with your check.

Be sure to place your call sign on all checks and correspondence and mail to:

2396 Anson Street
Columbus, OH 43220

To become a member please print this form with the print feature on your browser and mail to the address above.

Thank You!.