Central Ohio Nets

Here is a listing of Nets that are on CCRA and other repeater systems. If you know of other nets or have corrections to this listing, please send your information to the CCRA.

All times are local p.m. unless otherwise noted. All frequencies are in MHz.

Net Times and Frequencies
Day of Week Time Frequency Name of Net
Monday 8:00 145.170 Delaware County Net
Monday 9:00 147.030 Lancaster Amateur News Net
Tuesday 7:00 146.880 Newark Amateur Radio Association Net
Tuesday 7:30 146.760 Central Ohio Severe Weather Net (March through September)
Tuesday 8:00 145.110 AMSAT Net
Tuesday 8:00 147.285 Madison County Amateur Radio Club Net
Tuesday 9:00 145.190 Buckeye Belles Net (YL net; OMs welcome)
Tuesday 9:00 147.480 Amateur Television Net (simplex)
Wednesday 8:00 147.060 Central Ohio ARES Discussion Net
Wednesday 8:00 145.110 Dayton Amateur Radio Association ARES Net
Wednesday 9:00 146.925 AMSAT (winter months)
Wednesday 9:00 147.345 Hocking County Net
Thursday 8:30 145.230 South West Columbus Ham Radio Club Net
Sunday 8:00 145.390 D-Star Net (this net requires you to use a D-Star radio. Set RPT1 to "W8DIG^^C" and RPT2 to "W8DIG^^G", where "^" represents a space. Setting RPT2 to "W8DIG^^G" may require you to be registered on the Gateway. Contact CODIG or leave RPT2 blank and contact someone on this repeater.)


  1. The Central Ohio Traffic Net (COTN) at the present time meets on the 146.97 MHz repeater. That repeater requires a 123 Hz PL tone for access.